Why lighting controls?


Home lighting control systems are not a new phenomenon; we are all use to the basic on/off switch. All that has changed is the amount of control we now have – so much more. This is mainly due to the influx of LED lighting in the market place. LEDs bulbs are more controllable and offer us a lot more in terms of design and energy management.

Today’s lighting control systems complement well designed home lighting and are often seen as mood lighting, or an extra; but they are actually much more; they bring ease-of-use, energy efficiency, security benefits and of course they can add a real “wow” factor to a good lighting scheme.


Savings with lighting control

The best smart lighting products save money in two ways: first, by helping you program your lights to automatically turn off when you’re not using it. Secondly, smart light bulbs can be at least 80 percent more efficient than traditional bulbs, which means you get the same amount of light for less energy expenditure – reducing your energy bills.

You can also make use of daylight to illuminate rooms (when it is available) rather than electric lights to further reduce energy and lower utility bills.


Creating a WOW factor with lights

A lighting control system allows you to operate every light in your home, from a single point. You can dim lights, change the colour temperature to suit your mood or add vibrant colours for a party theme. There is a lot you can achieve and it doesn’t just stop at the lights themselves.

You know those unsightly banks of wall switches and dimmers all over your home? You can replace them with one sleek in-wall touch screen or an elegant keypad, complete with back-lit engraved buttons for easy identification and use.


Lighting control for security

There’s no question that automated lighting discourages potential intruders. By automatically turning lights on and off at pre-set times your home becomes more secure. Being able to control your lights from anywhere, anytime gives you greater peace of mind whether you’re home or not. Right from your bed, you can turn on all the lights inside your home in the middle of the night if you hear a suspicious noise, or if you are going to be home late, switch lights on to create the appearance of being home.

For further savings and security team lighting control systems with:

  • Blind control
  • Climate control
  • Smart CCTV

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