Top ten uses of home automation

As a CEDIA member, we are clearly advocates of the benefits of home automation. Today home automation is much more than a gimmick and incorporates smart technologies from a range of industries. When built on a strong foundation, with advanced operating systems in place, you can create endless possibilities to make your home more comfortable, secure and efficient.


Here are our top 10 uses:

  • Smart lighting – one touch control for your entire home
  • Smart Security – protecting your home, even when you are away
  • Saving energy – monitor, dim, switch off and optimise usage
  • Reducing those forgetful moments – synchronised reminders and alerts for the simplest of tasks
  • Staying in touch – video conferencing, Skype calls wherever you are
  • Climate control – temperature up or down, blinds up or down, underfloor heating?
  • Entertainment – your favourite show or music greets you as you
    arrive home
  • Comfort – heated towels ready for when you step out the shower
  • The gentle wake up – curtains open and light levels gradually increase before your alarm goes off – preparing you for the day ahead
  • Impress – all of the above will wow and impress friends and relatives


Life Lived Best At Home

Take a look at this CEDIA production highlighting the benefits of

Home Automation



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