Multiroom Video

Perfect viewing display for any environment


There are more AV technologies and infrastructures in use today than ever before; digital, analogue, wireless and streaming. Any of them could be appropriate for your home, however when you mix them together you could be faced with some complexity and clutter. To simplify, you can choose to install a single platform which can seamlessly integrate them all.


Control all your video equipment with just one remote control. Get rid of all those decoders sat under your TVs. Our video solutions allow you to view your video content in HD/UHD/4K while all your decoders are neatly hidden in a rack. Creating the clutter free, smart environment for your interior design.


Our solutions include a diverse range of high-end video distribution products combined with extensive knowledge and experience from the technology sector.  We can provide solutions for all residential and professional video distribution, switching, processing and display requirements.

When a video system is a good idea for you

  • Multiple entertainment devices throughout the house
  • High use of streaming platforms
  • Watch multiple channels on various devices
  • High performance and definition across multiple TVs

If you require a commercial or residential video system, call the team today.

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