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Our monitoring options range from large scale control centres to smaller control rooms

Smart CCTV monitoring and remote management

More than 50% of us live in cities and by 2050 this will rise to 70%[1]. Infrastructure and businesses have to expand to meet the demands of the growing population; they also need to become ‘smarter’ in their operations.

As a result, the security of an increasing number of inhabitants and staff can no longer rely on a single camera solution as this is rarely efficient or viable. As soon as a security network grows to meet the needs of various sites and locations a CCTV monitoring system is needed to guarantee the maximum effectiveness.

Reams of video data alone will not prevent crime or aid security

Over the years technology has advanced at a rapid rate and video analytics are now capable of delivering a wide range of functions to make the monitoring process easier. Today technology and human intervention can work together to pre-empt and prevent crime.

We can devise a monitoring solution that caters for a small onsite control room or a large remote control centre, or alternatively you can monitor your own security 24 hours a day while on the go, from our mobile app. This will save you the monthly overhead cost of retaining a monitoring company.

Beyond mission control

When people think of a control centre, images of space stations and mission control spring to mind, however in this day and age technology has exceeded those early concepts and the control centre model is utilised by many global and national businesses.

Essentially, a control centre is a hub for multiple data sources, viewable in real-time. That data is presented in a controllable format that can be displayed at different sizes for use by numerous operators. The company benefits from having absolute control of its environment 24/7, and any potential issues can be instantly recognised and dealt with quickly and efficiently.

What are the key considerations when planning your CCTV monitoring solution?

Do you need to monitor your site?

The first question we need to ask is if a CCTV monitoring system is viable for your situation. We will conduct a full risk assessment for you, to identify any weaknesses or vulnerabilities. This will help us to determine, the main security objectives. For example if you only have one camera, in one low risk location, then a full scale monitoring solution may not be the most cost effective route. There are many smaller scale alternatives that we can deploy for you.

How many sites do you have?

The number of different locations your security network spans across will determine if you can monitor your cameras yourself through an app, or if you need a small control room or a control centre. During the first contact (link to page) session, we will sit down and discuss your sites and work out the most efficient solution for your budget.

How big does your control room need to be?

Multiple sites, multiple screens or split screens, the number of decisions you need to make can be a minefield. However we are here to assist you every step of the way, walking you through the numerous products and software on the market and recommending what will work best for you.

Level of support

We provide a comprehensive and personal service to all our clients and this doesn’t stop once the project is complete. All of our customers can choose to add technical support or maintenance packages to their solution. Click here (link to after sales page) for further details on our support services.


Why chose IDS CCTV monitoring and remote management?

Whether it is your first monitoring solution or you are adding to your portfolio, we will assist you through the complete journey of setting up. Taking you through the planning stage and assessing what is required, we will help you find and install a solution that is right for your business.


[1] World Urbanization Prospects The 2014 Revision, Department of Economic and Social Affairs

Control Room Software

Remote management can be an effective way to manage a large number of sites with the ability of trained controllers to action notifications. This is a comprehensive software solution that can be carefully implemented to provide real time alerts back to a control room so that incidents can be instantly actioned with a talk back facility or direct connection to the authorities with a number of different methods to prevent security breaches.

Back Up Servers

Back up your recordings

Our backup solution provides you with a secure and affordable remote backup system. This solution can automatically store a copy of recordings to an offsite location. If a disaster strikes onsite then recorded data will remain safe in a completely different location. This is a great solution in highly volatile locations.


Video Wall Software

Our Video Wall solution can remotely configure and manage up to 200 Video Walls, each with a different layout – if required. A video wall is an arrangement of multiple monitors on a server, which is PC installed with multiple graphics cards. Depending on the incoming IP sources, you can also display actual-size images on the Video Wall if your project demands.

Vital Signs Software

Monitor your sites with Vital Signs Software

The Vital Signs solution monitors is a time and cost effective way to manage a large cluster of NVR/DVR systems at sites where a large amount of maintenance service is required. When any online system is event-triggered, an instant text messages will be sent to the Vital Sign Monitor for the operator to proceed with maintenance. The Vital Sign Monitor can also activate alarms for the operator’s attention while sending emails and SMS alerts to local subscribers. Another use of this solution is to help operators easily identify the health status of the systems and respond instantly to various frequent events.

Edge Recording Software

Edge Recording Manger is a tool designed for managing remote CCTV systems recordings. It is an integrated interface from which you can assess live view and video play back, you can also view storage space without visiting each host´s Web interface. Any connection with hosts can be disabled without affecting or stopping the hosts´ normal functioning.


Control Centre Software

The Control Centre solution is a comprehensive option for internal operators who want to manage their own site(s). This solution differs slightly from the control room as it does not provide live alerts to a control room, it monitors multiple sites with system manipulation at each site as well as the extraction of video recordings.


Key benefits of control centre

  • Remote configuration & full control of local DVR/NVR settings
  • Remotely monitor, record and playback from 1000 hosts
  • Remote viewlog and playback of recorded videos from local recorder
  • Optional video wall set up

Rest assured we will recommend the right solution depending on how you wish to monitor your sites.

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