Home Automation

Everything at a touch of a button 

We offer automation solutions for your home and business. By integrating everything from lighting, video, home theatre, climate control, security and even your music into one easily manageable control centre. We help create a smart, easily manageable environment that will help enhance your life whether at work or at home. Providing convenience, comfort and savings now and in the future. You will wonder how you ever got along without it.


We provide integrated control solutions for:
• Lighting control system
• Audio source & multi-zone music systems
• Video source, display & multi-zone HD distribution systems
• Air conditioning and heating systems
• Network and WI-FI systems
• Home cinema
• CCTV and security systems
• Access control systems
• Intercom systems
• Energy management & monitoring systems
• Conferencing & presentation systems
• Maintenance & fault detection systems
• Irrigation systems


There’s an App for that!
As if there weren’t enough apps! Now you can add automation to the list. Always have access to your home or building with the touch of a button, changing temperature, lighting or lock doors.


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Set the mood

A well thought out lighting design is very important in order to manage adequate lighting levels and also to accentuate architectural features and set the mood in your environment. It can make the difference between nice and spectacular.


A traditional lighting system

Traditional lighting incorporates wall mounted switches and dimmers to manually dim and turn lighting on and off. Once installed, it is not very flexible and it is extremely difficult to change how it works or how you can control different areas.


Central lighting control system

Will provide greater flexibility to the way your lighting is controlled and operated. These systems are programmed by a lighting control specialist based on your preferences and its functions can be modified at any time.


Smart lighting solution

This takes you a step further. With these intelligent systems and the use of sensors and programming we can maximise your energy savings. For example the lighting system will know when the room is occupied and how much light is needed to create the desired setting. This will also take advantage of natural day light when it is available and will enable you to save energy.


All at a touch of a button

Program your lighting to turn on and off according to pre-established scenes or photocell sensors. Program all on/off switches for convenience and security.

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