Audio Visual (AV)

Surround yourself with your favourite tunes 


We all have CDs, MP3s and streaming playlists saved in various places. An audio solution allows you to access all of these from one system. Simply choose which song you want to play from a touchscreen and listen to it anywhere.


Multi-Zone audio systems 
These combine many of the components of an audio system into an all in-one unit. A typical multi-zone system includes the switching, processing and amplification in one device. Simply
add the music sources, speakers and programming and you have a complete system. We offer multi-zone systems from 2 to over 100 zones.


Commercial audio
From presentations to speech reinforcement, audio conferencing and distance learning, we can help with your commercial audio needs.

We also specialise in custom audio solutions for:


• Multi-Zone music systems
• Music systems for bars, clubs and restaurants
• Auditoriums
• Conferencing and presentation systems
• Smart classrooms and training rooms
• Live music venues


Speaker options 
We offer a variety of speaker options from architectural and stylish floor standing to wall mounted, in-wall, in-ceiling or outdoor weatherproof speakers, all with superior performance.


Perfect viewing display for any environment 
Control all your video equipment with just one remote control. Get rid of all those decoders sat under your TV. Our  solutions allow you to view your video content in HD while all your decoders are neatly hidden in a rack. We provide HD distribution even from your existing coaxial wiring.


Our solutions include a diverse range of high end video products combined with extensive knowledge and experience from the technology sector. We can provide solutions for all residential and professional video distribution, switching, processing and display requirements.


We provide custom  display solutions for:
• Bars, hotels & restaurants
• Home cinema & private viewing
• PA systems
• Media presentation rooms and auditoriums
• Conference & boardroom systems
• Smart classrooms and training rooms
• Video conferencing rooms
• Professional display solutions
• Advertising displays

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