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In these highly volatile times, you can never be too careful about knowing who is on your property. Universities, offices and buildings in general, are all under pressure to provide robust security systems to ensure the safety of employees, residence and students alike. However they are equally restricted by diminishing budgets, the answer is a cost effective access control solution that protects inhabitants.


What is Access Control?

Is it as simple as the name suggests? The answer is yes.


Managing large numbers of keys is costly. They are notorious for getting lost and can get stolen or duplicated easily, moreover on leaving employment or residence people often fail to return them or take them off site. This provides a large loop hole in the most vigorous security systems. Securing premises, assets and protecting staff should be a number one priority for any company.


Access Control provides a viable alternative to the traditional key. Instead it secures your building electronically using keypads / proximity devices and readers instead of locks and keys.


As an operator, you say how,  who, where and when personnel have access, allowing designated people to gain entry to their permitted zones and areas, in way that is not easy to duplicate or falsify.  A well designed and installed system will mean that you can run your business with far greater efficiency and better security.


What does an Access Control system consist of?

An access control system simply needs a physical barrier such as a door, a controller – device which manages the access through the physical barrier and a reader – programmed with the individuals credentials which allows access when presented to the controller. Our Access Control software can manage an unlimited amount of controllers catering for large and small scale projects.


We provide scalable solutions which protect your system for future advancements in your buildings size and use.


Why use our Access Control Solution?

The beauty of our Access Control Solution is the fact that we offer a complete solution including barriers, bollards and gates which will integrate with your CCTV and ANPR Solutions. The management of this integration can enhance the security of a site allowing management to cross reference any incidents across the site. As ANPR is also a form of access control and works in tandem via the same software, individuals can also be granted access via the ANPR solution as well as our entry phone systems and card or biometric readers.


Looking beyond Access

Whenever you use electronic systems for your security, you can collect data, which can be used for functions beyond access control. Access control systems link easily to payroll and workforce management. Using the data supplied to the software you can monitor work schedules and run payroll systems.



Biometric technology has advanced in performance, application and acceptance, over the last few years. The result is accurate devices such as facial readers and body scanners, providing alternative solutions for security applications.

Many business owners value access control programs which manage time & attendance and tracking. However using traditional methods they are often faced with loop holes and drawbacks, such as time card fraud, loss of access fobs, and admitting visitors isn’t smooth and seamless.

Biometric security can provide a viable option to answering all the outstanding issues in traditional access control methods. These can be easily and seamlessly integrated to prevent fraud and keep your company secure.


Key Benefits of Access Control – Facial Recognition


Stops Time Fraud – one of the big benefits of using biometric readers is that you won’t have to worry about time fraud. It will be impossible for employees to get friends to clock hours for them.


Increased Security – with biometric led access control, you can be sure that only the people who are meant to be on your site are there. Visitors can also be added to the system and anyone that is not in the system, will not be given access.


Easy to Integrate – many of the latest devices can function as a standalone device or integrate with existing systems.


High Success Rate – biometric technology has come on leaps and bounds and has a high success rate today.


The access controllers are the centralised units that operate all the readers within a building. We have a two way 4 and 8 door controller with built-in inputs and outputs. These controllers come in kits and are enclosed in a case including the power supply, reducing installation and maintenance time.  These are suitable for controlling doors, parking gates and elevator call buttons.

Entry phones

Entry Phones are a great way to manage a buildings security. Only allowing access to authorised personnel with the ability to have a live video feed and two way communication.
We work with leading manufacturers to provide robust IP based entry phones presenting a variety of different modules and features to suit specific applications.


The Access Control Solution is software driven and can facilitate a multitude of features that provide the flexibility and scalability for both local and remote access control. However, what is unique about this solution is the integration with ANPR and CCTV which can work together on a single platform. The access control solution can cater to small, medium and large projects.


Access control readers are designed to manage access and restrictions throughout a building. They can be positioned either inside or outside and can be controlled in a variety of methods.


We have a selection of access control readers that can be used for different applications, these range from card or fob readers with or without keypads. We also use readers with in-built IP cameras to capture images of the individual coming into a building, enhancing the security with both recordings and images. After an initial site survey, we will be in a position to recommend the best hardware to run your access system.

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