Town House, South Kensington

Luxury dwelling with the latest lifestyle controls


Located in the salubrious South Kensington, this Cranley Gardens town house is a family home exuding modern luxury.

The client wanted to upgrade their existing smart control system with the latest technology on available, increasing flexibility, functionality and responsiveness.

Can you have a modern luxury house without the latest smart controls?

Tas Kyriacou, IDS Director explains, “It’s a very high-end building with five floors, finished to the highest standards. The client, who engaged IDS, requested a full upgrade of their current control system. Smart control technology has advanced so much today, that we have a wider playing field and many options available to us, much more than when the original system was installed.”


Cranley Gardens

What Was Installed

  • Lighting control
  • Audio and video distribution
  • Climate control
  • Video Entry

Easy to use

The client loves the easy to use Crestron brand, so he wanted to use that as the main control system throughout the home to add value. Today modern luxury homes are expected to be equipped with the latest controls systems, adding an element of lifestyle enhancement.

He wanted to integrate as much as possible, so we tackled the lighting, climate, access and entertainment systems, while at the same time making provisions for future additions to the system.


As well as the lighting and climate control, we integrated audio distribution with 12 zones across the home, allowing the family to play and listen to music in their own separate areas. Furthermore we used the Crestron NVX video distribution which operates the six TVs across the home – instant entertainment for everyone to enjoy together or alone.


11 Crestron touch panels are discreetly displayed across the home, offering the ability to control all of the integrated solutions including video entry.