Aylmer Road, Highgate

Aylmer Road Residents Increase Security with CCTV

Aylmer Road is situated in a salubrious but secluded location within the northern boundary of Highgate Golf Club and very close to Highgate Wood, which offers circa 28 acres of public woodland. Its proximity to the renowned ‘billionaires row’ in London makes it a prime target for opportunistic criminals.


After a recent break-in of a ground floor flat at the Aylmer Road apartments, the residents association decided to take action.


Lana Constantine, Resident Association Spokesperson “We all love living in this area but this is not the first time we have experienced a break-in. This time we decided we would take some preventative steps and better equip ourselves in the eventuality of this occurring again. We looked at two areas, CCTV and perimeter lighting.”


Aylmer Road Resident Association

What Was Installed

  1. Internal CCTV
  2. External CCTV
  3. CCTV App

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Tas Kyriacou, IDS’s Business Development Consultant continues, “To help increase the security of the building we installed internal and external IP cameras to cover the entrance and perimeter of the building. The cameras do two jobs, the external cameras in particular are visible and can act as a deterrent, now any opportunistic burglars may think twice before targeting this location. Secondly the residents are now equipped with high quality, reliable footage that they can always look back on if there is an unfortunate incident. We have also made sure that all the residents have the CCTV app installed on their mobile devices so they can access recordings and live footage instantaneously, which will help secure convictions.”


Lana Constantine concludes, “I think this is the best course of action we could have taken. It is great to know that if anything is amiss we can easily access the CCTV footage and double check. IDS were great, they explained everything after installation and trained us all up. However it is all so simple to use it really didn’t take long. The new installation makes us all feel that much more secure.”