EPOS CCTV Integration, Heat Mapping & People Counting

Use our EPOS integration to reduce transaction overheads, eliminate fraud and provide CCTV evidence


The hospitality industry has always been an area at high risk of internal fraud and public theft.  During 2014-2015 employee theft and fraud contributed £1.9 Million to overall company losses.
EPOS CCTV integration can help to reduce this amount and not only increase your security, but will maximise your business’ performance.


Using high resolution CCTV cameras and HD microphones, we can now provide a solution that will monitor your customers and staff, while collecting vital content from your EPOS system. By combining this information we can reduce fraudulent transactions, fake refunds, “freebies” and the amount of time that you spend investigating.

What are the benefits of using CCTV?

CCTV is instrumental in reducing internal fraud and by simply making staff aware of its presence can make them think twice about engaging in any fraudulent behaviour. When implemented correctly CCTV can also be used to coach staff and further develop their customer service skills and improve their efficiency.


What is EPOS CCTV Integration?

Simply put, a CCTV system is installed on site that connects to your EPOS devices, CCTV cameras are then installed above each till and the data from these tills are displayed on top of the video image.


The user can monitor in real time exactly all of the transactional data as well as view the physical transaction take place.  The system can also be used to generate reports using our integration software to query any transaction that has been recorded in the past.  This gives the user full access to investigate all transactions and provides them with the video evidence to support it.


How EPOS integration can help reduce common types of fraud

The National Restaurant Association estimates that roughly 4% of a restaurants annual revenue is lost due to fraud. Below are some of the most common types and how they can be mitigated.


Staff recycling promotional coupons

EPOS integration software has a “smart search” feature, here users can search for almost any type of transaction that contains any desired variable.  In order to govern the use of coupons a user can search for all transactions where a coupon was scanned.  Here the user can select each transaction and watch the recorded footage as well as the transaction data beside as shown below.  The user can then identify whether their staff member processed the coupon in the correct way such as tearing, marking or simply placing them in the till.


Unauthorised discounts and freebies

The system offers a solution whereby all members of staff can be restricted to minimal control privileges leaving only management with authorisation for discounts and freebies. However what happens if managers are the ones responsible for fraud? Statistics from the society of employers shows 55% of internal fraud was committed by management.


In the event where a user notices unusually high amounts of discount being issued over a period of time, they can generate a report to produce a list of all transactions that contain discount.  From the report they can easily identify who is giving the most discounts, when they are most commonly occurring and if needed, can investigate the footage to look for any suspicious activity.


Random Spot checks can be performed on a periodic basis to ensure that staff are not issuing unauthorised freebies.  All CCTV cameras on the premises can be integrated to the EPOS integration solution meaning the user can track members of staff from the till right the way around the entire building where CCTV coverage is available.


The user will be able to monitor when any food or drink is being served around the premises, when that member of staff returns to the till the user can monitor exactly what is being entered using the text overlay. If any fraudulent activity is witnessed during this spot check the user can then generate a new report to watch further recordings involving that staff member.


The ‘wrong change’

In the all too common scenario where a customer claims they did not receive the correct change on a particular transaction, the manager can simply input the transaction ID from the receipt into the system.  There the user will be able to view the video footage as well as the transaction details displayed to the side for cross referencing.  With the use of high resolution cameras it will be very easy to identify which notes were handed over.


The system is completely customisable; alerts can be configured to inform the user of a transaction that is of particular importance such as discounts, refunds and incorrect pricing.  Any cameras that are connected to the NVR system can be remotely monitored from any PC, Phone or tablet with internet connectivity.


Integration beyond security – The system doesn’t just offer security it can be used for quality assurance and marketing purposes.


Improving staff efficiency and customer service skills

When a secret shopper is in store, the video and audio captured can be used by management for reference when coaching staff members on their performance.

3D People Counting

Understanding your customer’s behaviour and journeys

With our 3D people counting software you can count and analyse your customer traffic, identifying your busiest and slowest periods and also assessing what areas of your store attracts the most footfall. These key statistics can help you to plan staffing hours, promotions and store layouts.

Heat Mapping

Activating Heat Map analytics can provide a quick, historic, visual representation of areas of high and low traffic flow, making it easy to identify what attracts and interests customers.


By identifying traffic patterns, visitor’s journeys can be controlled and you can guide them to desired areas, reducing bottle necks and ensuring a pleasant experience. The Heat map functionality can also be used as crowd control management tool, for example during seasonal sales, high flow areas can be established, allowing managers to be responsive and ensuring a smooth flow of traffic for future events or, you can identify hotspots in real time and work quickly to reduce them.

Data Capture Unit

The first method for achieving text overlay functionality in EPOS integration is by using a Data Capture Unit. The Data Capture unit allows your EPOS systems to connect to the NVR system through hard wiring or the network.


It captures information from EPOS, ATM, and cashier systems, betting slips or any other device providing text data, and overlays the information directly onto live or recorded video images. With the introduction of the data capture unit you can empower your business with a completely integrated surveillance system, to reduce inventory shrinkage and prevent losses. We will discuss these options with you and find the right solution for your situation.

Text Sender Software

The second method we have of achieving text overlay is with the text sender software, offering an alternative to the hardwired data capture unit. The EPOS text sender works in a slightly different way to the data capture unit. The software allows you to directly connect the NVR System to a Windows-based EPOS device that can generate TXT, INI or JNL files and EPOS devices compatible with Internet or OPOS protocols. The EPOS transaction data is transferred to the NVR System via a RS-232 or TCP/IP connection. The transaction data will be overlaid on live images or recordings. We will guide you through every step of the integration process, ensuring we select the right option to meet your demands.

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