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Protect your staff and assets with our transport security solutions 

Mobile and transport security

The Transport for London Crime Statistics Bulletin 2015 reports that there were fewer than 20,000 reported crimes on public transport in London during 2014 alone.


All vehicles and their drivers are at risk of damage and attack. Government and private transport companies are even more susceptible, due to public exposure and the fact they are typically carrying cash or valuable goods. Transport security is an important tool in protecting staff, the public and assets.  Furthermore in this heighten state of terror attacks this has become far more prominent over the recent years.


How does it work?

Transport CCTV will be safely fixed into your vehicles with a 3/4G connection directly connecting to the central management system. The software can then manage the locations of each vehicle and the controller can action any alarm triggers. This solution can facilitate up to 500 vehicles at any one time.


How can I use transport security?

Transport security can be used by private and public companies to increase staff morale making them feel safer, reduce the number of compensation claims, insurance premiums and generally helping your business to operate more cost effectively.


You can apply it to any fleet of vehicles ranging from buses and trains, to private taxis and logistic companies. There are two layers of security with our solution, benefiting from visible, live view or recorded CCTV, reducing the chance of drivers being abused or attacked and can also protect the public and business assets. Secondly, surveillance data can feedback to the company control room or security team allowing you to measure and monitor efficiency and effectiveness by checking that the correct route is followed and breaks are not taken within the guidelines. Profitability is essential for any business and as such, assuring the drivers are being productive and following the correct route and guidelines can reduce fuel costs and time wasting, thus increasing profitability.


Why use the IDS Transport security system?

Our transport solution can facilitate multiple cameras for live streaming or recording through a central management system. Via the software, the controller can manage fleets, respond to alarms and have a general overview of the security.


You can also track up to 500 vehicles at one time, with real time access to the GPS coordinates. You can even manage on the move with mobile support via a user friendly interface via Google Maps, Microsoft Virtual Earth and User‐defined maps support.

GIS Software

The mobile NVR solution is coupled with an optional Geographic Information System (GIS) software. The GIS is based in a central management system which can track the location of vehicles via GPS providing vehicle coordinates and speed via a 3/4G connection. Furthermore, you can monitor the cameras installed in the vehicle at any point to establish the status of the driver.

Mobile NVR Solution

The Mobile NVR solution provides security to transport vehicles. It is simply an NVR with IP cameras which are installed in any form of transport system. These can range from buses, trains, to taxis and logistics vehicles. The NVR is built within a robust chassis and ensuring that it can withstand any sudden shudders or knocks. We will sit down with you to tailor your transport security solution to meet the requirements of your fleet of vehicles.

Vehicle Dash Camera

The dash camera is a low cost IP CCTV solution that can be installed quickly and easily. The data can be recorded directly onto an SD card and be extracted seamlessly to provide instant evidence if required. This solution also has a GPS facility. This device can help with insurance premiums.

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