Our ANPR systems increase security, reduce congestion and overhead costs


What is ANPR?

ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) has been highly successful for many years in law enforcement and border control agencies. Governments and the public sector now view the technology as an invaluable tool in their day to day operations and more recently it has grown in popularity in commercial facilities and applications.

The ANPR camera works by capturing a snap shot and video clip of a vehicle number plate and records the data on a system which can be configured to either allow vehicles access to a restricted area or not by creating a white and black list. This saves time at busy entry points and reduces criminal activity.


What can ANPR offer me?

By reading the vehicle’s registration number, the ANPR system records entry and exit times of all vehicles. This simple fact brings a wealth of opportunity when installed within the right application.

Some examples include:


Car park management

Perhaps one of the most popular uses to date, ANPR provides an excellent tool for managing who comes in and out of your facility, how long they stay and by linking to an existing payment system or our app you can easily manage your car park. A parking charge notice can be issued to any vehicle exceeding the allotted time restriction, or a pay on exit system can be set up.

  • Management 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Reduced number of physical staff decreasing your overheads
  • Reduced number of confrontations, keeping your employees safer
  • Statistics available in real time providing in depth data on use
  • Increase revenue by offering membership accounts

Petrol stations

With the number of cases of people driving away and not paying for their fuel is increasing. Petrol stations are losing money and staff are often at risk of harm if they try to apprehend offenders themselves. Often in these situations there is not enough time to call police out or note down the details of the car and license plates. CCTV alone may not be enough to help you in these situations, but with a dedicated ANPR system you can use the black list function across several sites, flagging offending vehicles, which will then set off an alert to notify police when this offender revisits any of your sites.



In areas where you need to protect residence, staff and goods you might chose to safeguard your site with gates and barriers. By preventing vehicle access you can cut down on the opportunity for crime.


Sometimes access for deliveries is needed outside of hours or in a residential location, visitors may drop in outside of manned hours. If so, ANPR can be programmed for automated access control. If a resident has a visitor, they can program the system to recognise a selection of number plates and grant access out of hours, whilst denying access to any other unauthorised vehicles.


If a company needs to make a delivery out of hours, the user only needs to program in the registration number of the delivery vehicle remotely and manage the access. Recognising a number plate can automatically open gates or lift barriers, or even place a call to an authorised key holder, allowing your facility to be fully operational, secure and without the need for time consuming and costly manned hours.


That all sounds great but aren’t ANPR systems expensive and difficult to set up?

A surge in popularity and endorsement by the police and other government agencies has ignited the belief that ANPR systems are expensive, difficult to set up, and impossible to justify for smaller applications. However this is no longer the case, particularly with IP ANPR solutions.  Government systems will be more complex and vast and will therefore command a higher premium, most commercial applications will be based on a one or two lane solution, which reduces costs and complexity. Additionally, we install and commission each of our solutions, taking all of the complexity out of your hands and providing you with a simple, user friendly web interface which can be managed locally and remotely.


Why chose our ANPR?

Our ANPR solution has been used for numerous projects from monitoring car parks, to fleet management and traffic control. These projects range from private distribution companies to local authorities. To complement our ANPR solution we provide electronic barriers, gates, electromechanical and hydrophilic bollards which can integrate and work in tandem with the IP CCTV and Access control solutions, thus offering complete integration under one umbrella, resulting in reduced costs and more effective technical support.

ANPR Cameras

We offer a selection of IP ANPR cameras ranging in viewing distances and vehicle travelling speed. They are all fully weatherproof and protected to the highest standards of tamper protection.  All of our cameras are enhanced with IR LEDs for excellent night time viewing. Additionally we have a standalone solution which includes camera and recognition software housed in one unit, which saves time and money on cabling jobs. We will work with you to select the most appropriate and effective camera for
your site.

ANPR Software

ANPR systems recognise vehicle number plates automatically and allow vehicles to access restricted areas. This saves time at busy entry points and reduces criminality. The camera is just the start of the system, the software actually drives the functionality. Each of our cameras are supplied with ANPR software and we can help with the installation and commissioning, ensuring the optimal solution for your project.

Our ANPR solution has been used for numerous projects from monitoring car parks, to fleet management and traffic control. These projects have been initiated by private distribution companies, holiday parks and local authorities. What differentiates our ANPR solutions is the support and service we provide plus the flexibility of having an integrated solution which works in tandem with your CCTV cameras and access control solutions, thus offering complete integration under one umbrella, resulting in reduced costs and more effective technical support.

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